Tuesday, June 11, 2013

National Guard airman awarded for bravery

Gregory Grutter, or Greg Cruz is the best firearms instructor I have the chance to meet and receive training from, visit his website http://interactivegunfighting.com. I have watched a lot of DVD’s about combat shooting, but I have never seen anyone who could cover that in a way that was for me mind blowing, both the method, content and the person was far beyond my wildest expectations. His approach to teaching will change the way I teach, I would vouch him as the best for anyone who wants to learn no BS skills in the most efficient and safest way. His life reflects that he is not a virgin teaching sex as many do, so what you learn has been tested and is not based on a few incidents. Respect is the single word I would use to describe the man, for his combat experience, bravery, skills, knowledge, the way he teaches and pass on information that will save your life the day you need what he teaches. I am proud to have gained a new teacher and brother. AMOK!

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