Friday, May 25, 2012

Portuguese Stickfighting JOGO DO PAU

This looks like our last weekends training only difference is that we go for the hands, elbow or head with each blow and try to avoid stick on stick contact, only go for stick on body part or a counter attack that besides parrying will hit the opponent with 1 strike. 

We use the Super Stiff Flex Stick 31" - Gray Wrapped Handle from the Dog Brothers web shop. This allows us to do sparring with full power, hockey gloves, forearm/elbow protection and helmet is a must, it will not break bones but leave bruises and bulges on the skull.

The less stiff model requires less protection, but looses the stick like feeling and absorbs more of the impact power. The Super Stiff Flex Stick 31" is the best padded stick we have ever used.

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