Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The general sense of safety and security for those you fight for to see again.

This is a repost as the price on silver is now record low, right now is the time to invest, I have paid more than US$20 for 1 troy ounce coin one year ago compared to now. Look at the price index for the last 20-30 years and compare, as the demand is higher than the reserves it is a bullet proof investment, the most popular coin the US Silver Eagle could not print enough coins this year due to lack of physical silver, the silver index does not reflect how much silver there is, as ETF is also calculated to the index but ETF is not by 1-1 ratio, there is less silver than what the ETF companies have, if everyone cashed in their ETF the companies would crash as they have as currencies less silver than the what is reflected by their sales of ETF, ETF is buying silver that is kept by a company so the customer doesn’t have to secure it, problem is that they sell more silver than they have.

 This is a guide for the aspects of self defence that is not on top of the list, in most cases and martial arts systems not at all, of vital survival components to keep focus on combat, to minimize the amount of things your brain has to process in combat, it is essential to have a few things cleared to avoid multitasking, which will lead to failure. One study I have read showed that the old paradigm that women are better at multitasking since the Stone Age is BS, scientific studies have shown that multitasking leads too many badly done task, this is not from a political agenda but facts. This about everything else than combative training, it is all the things that IMO are more important than only the hard skills.

1st it is essential to one day in the near future tell everyone you care for how much they are important for you and that you love them, one can never know when death suddenly shows its ugly face in various forms, so to get assaulted and having to deal with the physical part and emotional will have a negative performance on ones capability to respond fast enough. To never have said the words you wish your family and friends you want them to know, now is the best time as you are alive. So to all my family, friends and amoks, thanks to all of you, I love you all as you have all made my life so more interesting and full of love.

2nd the securing your family legally and financially, that removes the worry about their future in case you die which will make it hard to focus on surviving and not multitask with worry, that requires a lawyer for a testament and money for them. I have chose to invest in silver and gold coins, that is due to our tax laws, they are tax free and are not regarded as a capital that can be taxed but seen as collectors item and the profit cant be taxed as long it is not by selling huge amounts, I have found a loop hole in the VAT, toll and tax laws and buy silver coins from Estonia as they don’t have VAT and being a member state of the EU, I don’t have to pay VAT as it comes from an EU member state, gold is so cheap that now that I can purchase 1 troy ounce gold coins as the cost is so low that it is below the legal limit for purchasing from abroad, but buying gold coins is cheaper in every European state as its tax free, it is only silver that has VAT except the site I use for all my silver purchased in coins and not bar, as coins are tax and VAT free but bars are not VAT free which is 20% in Denmark. I have searched various sites but this one is the best and I am a very happy customer https://www.libertysilver.ee/en/ , the delivery can be tracked and traced and is the cheapest silver dealer online, created by people with an benevolent libertarian capitalistic agenda, to give everyone the opportunity to invest in the most secure way for when one retires and not exclusively only for the rich elite.

3rd and most important to have done all the things you dream of, that usually requires money, having silver and gold coins are not only a safe way to invest and later have the funds to realize those dreams, but having a precious metal currency as silver that goes up when the stock or currency goes down, and is needed for all the electronic devices and medical product containing silver sterilize is far more better than gold, as there are huge gold reserves but there has not been any silver reserves for many years, decades, there has been found a huge silver mine in Peru with approximately more than 1 billion ounces, will keep the record low price down. We have cancelled all vacations until the price is back to its projected index price of US$100 pr troy ounce in 5 years time, as it is so cheap now, we prefer to be poor until the index is back to a high again. This gives us sense of security and future local or global catastrophic economics events are good news for our pension fund.

The common thing among these 3 critical points is to be prepared, to have the sense of security and safety for those you love, so when the day comes that all ones combatives skill are needed, one can focus on one single thing, survival and not anything else that can reduce ones response time. Visit https://www.libertysilver.ee/en/and compare the price with domestic price, I save 20% in VAT.

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