Friday, May 31, 2013

Primal Warrior Series

I would recommend the Primal Warrior DVD’s, it is among my top 10 DVD’s and covers not only techniques but the far more interesting subjects as predatory mindset and body mechanics, IMHO it is better to understand a few basic body mechanics than 1000 killer techniques, the reason is that fighting is chaotic and where and which position and posture you or your opponent are in can be unique every time, it is easier to improvise than to try to find the specific techniques that are appropriate to a specific attack.

I remember my first MMA training class, where I submitted a far more experienced opponent by improvising an arm lock with my legs that was not a proper technique from side mount, I have been lucky to improvise locks by seeing an opportunity (a body part) and just try it out, they where all based on my limited basic knowledge about anatomy which I have studied to know how ligaments, limbs works and what would injure or permanent damage them. Most of the time I was always dominated and my 1st single goal was just to survive as long time as I could, as the majority were world BJJ champion, but defeat taught me how to survive and avoid being submitted, the day I could roll and not tap out before switching partners was awesome as it was my goal, some of the more experienced did not like it and against the rules went for leg locks which I didn’t complain about but managed to escape every time, suddenly I could be attacker than only trying to be defensive.

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