Monday, June 4, 2012

Spartan Training Gear Goddess Hoplite vest

For those women brave enough to challenge themselves, test if they can survive an assault, we have a set of the Spartan Training Gear Goddess Hoplite vest and complete protection from head to toe. Fitted for the today’ woman warrior, who need the fastest way to learn how to defend themselves in a busy life with children, job or studies. We can provide both, the functional skills set and the gear to train and fight hard without injuries that will inhibit everyday life.

At Copenhagen Combatives our goal is to acquire functional defence skills fast with the use of non compliant resistance training, no katas or forms, only technical training with aliveness and oppositional partner training. This method is used in our AMOK! training were this method comes from, in our Kratos Combatives training fighting with weapons from any time and place in history, predominately European weapons.

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